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Just Breathe for Teachers Meditation

TEACHERS! Join us for a fun and interactive end-of-summer "Just Breathe" workshop. We want to provide you with tools to set yourselves up for academic success and personal well-being for this upcoming 2018-2019 school year.

When we perceive a situation as difficult or painful, changes in our mind and bodies occur to prepare us to respond to danger. This fight, flight or freeze response includes faster heart and breathing rate, clammy hands, jaw clenching and grinding, upset stomach and/or a sense of dread.

The same mechanism that turns on the stress response can turn it off. As soon as we decide a situation is no longer dangerous, changes can occur in our minds and bodies to help us relax and calm down. The "relaxation response" includes decreased heart and breathing rate and a sense of well-being. Teachers who develop a "relaxation response" and other stress mastery skills feel less helpless and have more choices when responding to stress.

When you learn to notice that you are getting stressed (self-awareness) and learn how to "chill" quickly (self-regulation), you will be on the road to a HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL year (and life).

Marianne Altschul is a clinical social worker, psychotherapist, group facilitator, Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher. A public speaker on many topics, she’s been invited to speak nationally and internationally over her 25 year career. She is a graduate of McGill University (BSW) and Columbia University (MSW). She is currently in private practice in Boca Raton, Florida.

Marianne has been studying the effects of stress on the body-mind for over 25 years. Her clinical research began in New York City as an HIV/AIDS hospital social worker in the 90s. She has worked with individuals with life threatening and terminal illnesses in multiple AIDS centers, trauma programs and burn units. Her research interest has been in non-pharmacologic approaches to stress, pain and worry management.

* There are limited seats available for this workshop, so please call 954.906.5985 to reserve your spot. This event will take place in our adult salt therapy room, so while focusing on the breath, you will also be receiving the incredible benefits of a salt therapy session as well. The cost for this workshop is $10 per person and is specifically for TEACHERS in our community. We have multiple classes available: 4:00pm, 5:30pm or 7:00pm