Commonly Asked Questions

What should I wear to my Salt Therapy session?

We encourage you to wear comfortable clothing during your salt therapy sessions. Darker colored clothing will show the salt more, but the salt will not harm your clothes in any way. If you are coming in to treat skin conditions, we recommend you wear clothing that will expose as much of the affected area as possible. Please bring socks to wear during your salt session (if you forget socks, not to worry, we can lend you a clean pair). Those coming into our Adult Therapy Room, feel free to bring an extra layer of clothing or light blanket if you'd like, as the room occasionally feels a bit cool throughout the day.

Describe the climate inside the Salt Therapy Rooms?

The temperature ranges between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Those coming into our Adult Therapy Room, feel free to bring an extra layer of clothing or light blanket if you'd like, as the room occasionally feels a bit cool throughout the day.

Are walk-in's welcome?

Yes, but we encourage clients to book their sessions ahead of time, especially if there is a specific appointment time you desire, as sessions do fill up throughout the day.

Can my family and I come in for salt therapy if we are actively sick?

It's a common misconception that the time to seek salt therapy is when a person is actively sick. The optimal time to seek salt therapy is when you're healthy and using salt therapy as a preventative treatment or while treating a chronic illness.

To maintain an atmosphere of health and wellness, we want to limit exposure to active illnesses. If you suspect either you or your child are ill, please reschedule your salt therapy session the moment you are no longer contagious and fever free for at least 24 hours.

What is the difference between the adult salt room and salt bed?

The health benefits are the same in each environment, with a few differing factors. Sessions in the salt room are 45 minutes in length and run on the hour all day, every day; Sessions in the salt bed, are 25 minutes in length and run on your own schedule. The adult salt room is a group environment in which 7 adults may participate at a time; the salt bed is a private environment in which 1 person participates at a time. Those who prefer a more private session or those wishing to experience salt therapy primarily for skin conditions might benefit more from sessions in our salt bed due to the level of privacy, allowing one to disrobe.

What should I expect to experience during a session in the Salt Bed?

A session in our salt bed is 25 minutes in length and is equally effective as a 45-minute session in our salt rooms. Our Salt Bed resembles a tanning bed except the walls are made of Plexiglass, so although you're enclosed in the salt bed, you can see your surroundings throughout your session. Salt Beds offer a private setting where you can choose to disrobe in order to expose affected skin and achieve the most benefits. Salt Beds also offer a heated double bottom for Himalayan salt crystals that provide negative ions to enhance the salt therapy experience and benefits. When the session begins, we strongly recommend closing your eyes and taking slow deep breaths.

* If you suffer from claustrophobia, even though the salt bed is enclosed, it is surrounded in clear Plexiglass so you may find that you aren't affected. If you feel the salt bed impacts your claustrophobia, you may prefer utilizing our group salt therapy rooms.

Is there a charge if I miss my appointment time?

No, but please be courteous and inform The Salt Box of your cancellation as soon as possible as space in each of our salt rooms is limited.

Am I alone in the adult salt therapy room?

There can be anywhere from 1 to 7 people in the adult salt therapy room during each session.

Can dry salt therapy improve my overall health and well-being?

Absolutely! Salt therapy is one component of healthy living that can greatly improve your general wellness and your overall quality of life. Dry salt therapy helps to draw out toxins and bacteria from the sinuses, respiratory tract, and deepest part of your lungs which helps to keeps you healthy. Salt therapy also decreases inflammation in the respiratory tract and helps to open up the airways and improve oxygen exchange. Dry salt therapy can increase lung capacity for greater sports performance. It can help strengthen your immune system, help you recover faster from jet lag, work-outs and stress, slow down the signs of aging, and help improve sleep patterns.

What is the recommended number of salt therapy sessions?

The ideal number of sessions can vary greatly among individuals depending on the type and severity of your condition as each person's experience is different. Many individuals may experience some relief after one visit, but it is recommended to undergo a series of sessions for maximum results. Salt therapy is most effective when administered consistently at a minimum of 2x/week for 8-12 weeks. Many people also use salt therapy treatments as a preventative measure to keep the immune system functioning at it's best and to lessen the severity of the common cold, and other respiratory viruses etc.

What is Salt Therapy (Halotherapy)?

In 1843, a Polish doctor, F. Botchkovsky was the first to discover that the environment inside salt mines had a therapeutic effect on respiratory diseases. Many salt mines in Eastern Europe were used as medical resorts for patients with lung diseases. Speleotherapy, as it came to be known, became a conventional, effective, and drug free method of treatment for respiratory illness in Eastern Europe and Russia. In the 1980’s, artificial salt caves were developed by lining rooms with salt bricks or blocks. Research carried out in these rooms did not replicate the curative atmosphere of the salt mines or caves. Scientists came to the conclusion that the main therapeutic factor of the salt cave micro climate was dry aerosol of salt in combination with stable humidity and air temperature. With this knowledge, in the early 1990’s, Halogenerators were developed in St. Petersburg Russia. Halogenerators disperse dry salt particles into enclosed rooms that replicates the micro climate of natural salt mines and caves.

Is salt therapy safe for children?

Yes. Salt therapy is a completely safe and drug-free treatment for children and adults. Children as young as 3 months have benefited greatly and respond quickly and effectively to salt therapy. And our children's salt therapy room is designed in a way that keeps children engaged and occupied during their session while they're receiving the numerous health benefits a salt therapy session provides. *Parents always accompany their children into the session at no additional charge.

Is salt therapy safe for pregnant women?

Yes. Salt therapy is a fantastic choice for women who do not want to rely heavily on over-the-counter or prescribed medication for sinusitis, asthma, allergies, and other respiratory illnesses. Pregnant women experience significant relief for their congestion and chronic respiratory problems. In addition, salt therapy helps boost their immune system.

Is there research to support Halotherapy?

Yes, halotherapy has been well researched in Denmark, Russia, and Eastern Europe. Dr. A.V. Chervinsltaya, the head of Clinical Research Respiratory Center in St. Petersburg, Russia, has conducted most of the research. She works in the field of pulmonology and rehabilitation medicine and has published more than two hundred articles on this topic. Recently, the New England Journal of Medicine published an article on the efficacy of saline salt therapy in cystic fibrosis. They found that long term saline salt treatment had a positive impact on lung function and reduced pulmonary exacerbations. In addition, they found no negative side effects associated with the therapy.

In clinical trials Dry Salt Therapy (a.k.a. “halotherapy) has proven to be effective in relieving symptoms of a variety of respiratory and skin ailments. During one of the clinical trials, Salt Therapy resulted in improvement of the clinical state in: 85% of mild and moderate asthma cases; 75% of severe asthma cases; 97% of chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis and cystic fibrosis cases

(“journal of Aerosol Medicine, A.V. Chervinskaya, Volume 8. Number 3, 1995”)

Are there any side effects?

No. Halotherapy is 100% natural, safe, and drug-free, providing effective long-term relief. After sessions, you may experience a slight cough, minor tightness in the chest or runny nose, but this is simply the salt doing its work to remove mucus, toxins and bacteria from the lungs and airways.

When should salt therapy be avoided?

Treatment should be avoided during the acute phase of any illness, including the following: infections accompanied by fever, acute active tuberculosis, cardiac insufficiency, COPD in the third stage, bleeding, spitting of blood, alcohol or drug intoxication, unstable or uncontrolled hypertension, and acute stages of respiratory diseases.

Do you need to stop taking medications if receiving salt therapy?

No, it is fine to continue your medications as needed and as directed by your doctor. Since salt therapy is all-natural, it does not have any interactive effects with medications. Often, individuals who undergo consistent salt therapy sessions will find that they are less dependent on certain medications and their symptoms are less frequent and severe, in which case, under a doctor's supervision, medications may be decreased or discontinued.

What kind of salt is used?

Our halogenerators use 100% pharmaceutical grade salt consisting of pure sodium chloride. Our walls and decor are made from the finest quality Himalayan salt available.

What’s the difference between salt therapy and sea air?

The natural anti-inflammatory effect of salt, is it’s ability to draw fluid. When you breathe in sea air, it is already moist and has less of an anti-inflammatory effect. When you breathe in dry salt aerosol in a salt room, the minute particles line your airways and draw out the fluid from the inflamed airway. This fluid, now mixed with the salt goes to work on cleaning the walls of the airways, resulting in the sufferer coughing up the congestion.

Spa experts note that the concentration of particles in halotherapy is about 10 to 15 times the concentration found by the sea. A 45-minute session is equal to three days by the sea.

Why is Dry Salt Therapy more effective than Wet Salt Therapy?

Amongst Dry Salt Therapy there wet salt therapy, which claiming to be just as effective. This is not true.

Wet salt therapy is a use of a saline solution that is evaporated into the air and breathed in by clients or used as a method of nasal irrigation. Wet salt only reaches the upper airways and sticks to the nose and mouth, not reaching the throat or the deepest part of the lungs and sinuses. This reduces the salt’s 'phlegm dissolving' properties because it does not get to the places where the salt’s effect would be most needed- in the deepest part of your lungs. This is why spending a few days on the beach is less effective than an hour in a dry aerosol salt room.

With our Dry Salt Technology not only is the salt concentration of the air in the salt room ideal for all clients, but the particle sizes are also calculated to make the therapy as beneficial as possible to everyone whether they are suffering from a skin condition or a disease that affects the deepest part of the lungs.

What about the concern that salt is bad for you?

Consuming too much salt is linked to high blood pressure. With salt therapy, you are inhaling a dry salt aerosol, which only enters your respiratory system, not your digestive tract. The salt particles are so fine that even if you were to eat that amount, it would not pose a risk to your health.

How do I know if salt therapy is right for me?

Salt therapy is all-natural, safe, and has no side effects. Salt therapy provides many benefits for improving respiratory and skin conditions, decreasing stress and anxiety, and maintaining general wellness. Due to the increase in environmental pollutants, salt therapy is beneficial to everyone as salt therapy serves as a toothbrush for your lungs and skin. Everyone can benefit! Salt therapy also relieves symptoms of the following conditions and works in conjunction with your medication and treatment plan: Acne, Allergies, Asthma, Athletic Performance, Bronchitis, COPD, Cystic Fibrosis, Dermatitis, Ear Infections, Eczema, Emphysema, Immune System, Hay fever, Pneumonia, Psoriasis, Sinusitis, Snoring. In addition, even if you aren’t suffering from any of the above conditions, our adult salt therapy room provides a comfortable, quiet, serene space for relaxation and escape from everyday life.

I don't have any respiratory or skin conditions, do I need salt therapy?

Yes! Salt therapy is incredibly effective when used preventatively. Visiting The Salt Box as little as once/week can improve your immune system and help your body fight off the common cold and respiratory illness. One does not need to have any conditions in order to benefit from salt therapy since it's very beneficial for general wellness by removing toxins and bacteria from the respiratory system. People are exposed to pollutants, airborne diseases, bacteria, allergens and other irritating and harmful germs on a daily basis. Halotherapy is an excellent way to cleanse and detox the lungs as well as invigorate the whole body with increased lung capacity and oxygen intake.

What should I expect to experience during a salt therapy session?

Our beautiful, spacious salt therapy facility allows for salt therapy to be experienced alone (in our private salt bed) or in a group setting (in our adult or children's salt therapy rooms). The adult salt room simulates the environment of a therapeutic salt cave, with Himalayan salt covering the walls and floor to calm the mind and body. During a salt therapy session using any of our salt modalities, the Halogenerator grinds sodium chloride into micron sized particles that are dispersed into the room for you to inhale. Our adult room is designed for tranquility, so lay back, relax and breathe, meditate, listen to music, or sleep. You are free to read, although be advised the room has dim lighting for the purposes of relaxation. You may feel the salt tickle your throat, eyes and nose as it clears the mucus. Some may also feel the salt accumulate on their skin or get a slight taste of salt on their lips.

Is there a risk of catching an infection from others in the salt therapy rooms?

There is salt on every surface in each of our salt rooms, including ceilings, floors, walls, chairs, toys etc. Salt is naturally 99% anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal and it kills almost all bacteria on contact. We do not allow clients to participate in salt therapy sessions when they are actively sick with something. In addition, our filtered ventilation system is constantly working to circulate the air in the salt rooms, drawing used air out and sending clean, filtered air in.

Is there a place to store my belongings?

There are cubbies located outside of each of the salt therapy rooms to store your shoes and other items.