So much more than expected. Kids love it...better than being in sand at beach.

~Jeffrey W. 6/18

Tried this for the first time with my two boys - age 2 and 4. They had a blast in the kids room playing with all of the toys and the salt itself. Your first visit is complimentary. My oldest son has been getting sick back to back to back. The employee advised that the salt treatment may cause you to have a runny nose or cough and that it is helping to get that stuff out of your body. My nose did drain during therapy and so did both my sons. My oldest coughed during treatment and after. We went about 2 weeks ago and he hasn't been sick. I haven't received any calls to pick him up from daycare.

~Jamie H. 3/24/18

My son has been going to The Salt Box 1-2x/week for the past 8 months. He gets less colds and sinus problems now. If he does get a cold, the duration is shorter and his recovery is quicker. I am so much more confident about my son starting school in the fall now that we have been to The Salt Box to help strengthen his immune system.

~Kimberly S. 3/5/18

The atmosphere was so relaxing in the “meditations “ room, I think everyone fell asleep and got some subconscious healing along with the amazing salt therapy at the same time! Jesse please bring a salt box to Thomasville Ga. or at least to Tallahassee Fl which is an hour south of me!

~Rachel W. 2/13/18

Wonderful place in the community, and the owner Jessi is so nice! My daughter absolutely loves coming here to play (while reaping the benefits of salt therapy). I enjoy the adult relaxation room and conversations with other parents while the kiddo is playing. I highly recommend The Salt Box.

~Billy A. 1/29/18

We absolutely LOVE the salt box! Hands down the BEST place to receive salt therapy. I suffer from chronic allergies and my husband has eczema so we purchased a family package and go frequently and let me tell you "WE ARE BELIEVERS”! We normally have our sessions in the children's room because we bring our 20 Month old daughter Laina with us and let me tell you, she is just as in love! She plays with all of the toys and instantly naps as soon as we get home. She has been getting her back molars in, and I swear the salt therapy has helped with reducing inflammation and irritability. You feel instantly relaxed when you enter this serene environment and are greeted with a beautiful, clean, and calming ambiance. The staff is AMAZING, Jessi the owner has such great energy and a welcoming personality. We Look forward to going at least twice a week and have fun working The Salt Box into our routine for our overall family wellness plan. If you are looking for a place to help eliminate allergies, a skin condition or just a place to boost your immune system and obtain wellness on all levels ... this is the place for you! Try them out , you will be HOOKED!

~Angelica J. 10/17

Absolutely amazing experience. My son was congested prior and it all got cleared up with one session. Best sleep ever too! Most importantly it was great to catch up with a friend while kids played in a super sanitary place while getting the benefits of salt therapy.

~Tamara S. 5/17/17

Evan is 2.5 years old and has had issues with chronic congestion and a cough related to allergies since he was 10 months old. He was also having recurrent ear infections, to which he had tubes placed in his ears at age 1. His congestion and cough persisted. He was put on allergy meds, 2 inhalers, and a steroid nose spray. We started looking for alternative treatments to reduce his medications. Although his ear infections resurfaced, his symptoms have been controlled more efficiently since we started bringing him to The Salt Box. He was constantly getting sick and on antibiotics, but has only been sick one time in the last 3 months, which is amazing! Even though he has to undergo tube replacements and an adenoidectomy, we feel The Salt Box has helped control his symptoms dramatically and we will continue to bring him after surgery for maintenance and to boost his immunity.

The Salt Box staff has been nothing less than wonderful! Out first day here, Jessi spent close to an hour talking with my husband and I, explaining the benefits of salt therapy. She was so helpful in helping us figure out this was the right decision for Evan! Susan and Sarah are always so pleasant and accommodating. We look forward to seeing them each session.

We want to thank everyone at The Salt Box for all their wonderful knowledge and we look forward to continuing to be a part of The Salt Box family!

~Erin T. 4/30/17

About 2 years ago, my husband (then my fiancé, Dr. Tom Pasterski, a retired chiropractor), got me a few sessions at The Salt Box in Parkland, FL. I was trying to get better from this cold before I got on a plane to travel abroad. So, I started 3 days before my trip and went twice a day and it helped me to shake the cold before it ever started. The Salt Box has a very clean and therapeutic atmosphere, friendly and accommodating staff.

I recommend it for the beautiful experience that you get the first time and it gets even better.

~Adriana P. 3/14/17

Love taking the kids here a few times a week. It's fun for the kids and I secretly know I'm giving them a healthy edge.

~Jill L. 2/23/17

We visited The Salt Box for the first time today and had an amazing experience. Jessi was so helpful, kind and super knowledgeable. We'll be back very soon. Not only did we do something wonderful for our bodies, my kids had a blast too!

~Farrah C. 1/5/17

I am a big fan of salt therapy. In my country (Russia), we use it for many, many years. I remember myself around 10-12 going to this room with walls covered with salt and nice chairs and relaxing music. I got very excited to hear that we have it so close and can come any time. Salt therapy really helps. When I have little cold or sore throat, after a session, it's gone. Hope it does the same for my kids. My little one since we started never got sick, even though my older one started day care. For skin, it has great impact. My kids don't have any issues anymore. My whole family loves to come to The Salt Box every time. It's a great set up for kids; 45 minutes flies like 10 minutes!

~Tatiana P. 12/9/16

I don’t usually write testimonials but here are the facts. Bottom line. Salt therapy works! My son doesn’t get the pressure headaches anymore. It’s great for the migraines.

I feel so much better. It clears your head. This is not a “one-time visit and you’re cured” kind of thing. You have to follow the process. Try a 3-month membership, come whenever you want, it’s unlimited, and I promise you’ll be hooked and want to come back for more.

And the people that run it make you feel like family. It’s not a money-making operation. They are there to help you. And if you notice, health insurance doesn’t cover this type of therapy. WHY? Because it works.

So, do yourself a favor. Get in the car. Come on down to The Salt Box and start breathing right!

~Stu M. 10/27/16

My son Link is almost 1 year old and we love coming to The Salt Box! The texture of the salt is unique and a great way for Link to experiment with learning a new feeling. It is safe and clean. It is more than just a clean facility….it is a way of cleansing the body! We are unintentionally, but nonetheless, exposed to toxins everyday so we love to incorporate as much detoxifying into our lives as possible! That’s why we love coming to play at TSB! Link has never been to any other indoor play facility and has also never been sick J Link loves TSB and I love the benefits of joining him! It’s always an exciting part of our day.

~Courtney B. 9/27/16

Love it! Very welcoming environment. Very enjoyable for my grandchild. Personally for me, by coming 4 times a week, it has helped me a lot with my arthritis and my relaxation. It has also helped me to sleep.

~Graciela M. 9/23/16

Sofia has Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). We received a year of occupational therapy but during times of stress, transition, or illness the sensory issues would still be there. As Sofia began Kindergarten we wanted to try to give her an outlet to “decompress” from the stressful sensory overload of school. The Salt Box proved to be exactly what she needed. We now go immediately from school to salt therapy and on those days, Sofia does not have any meltdowns and is able to calm herself through sensory play. I feel blessed to be able to provide this for her and that this new therapy is available to us. Our three-year old son David has had consistent allergy/sinus/asthma condition since he was six months old. Since beginning salt therapy (3 to 4 times per week), no more morning congestion.

Thank you for helping our children be happier, healthier kids while having tons of fun!

~Monica F. 9/1/16

My daughter’s speech therapist was telling us about the benefits of salt therapy at a time when both my daughter and I were recovering from being sick. I found a Groupon for The Salt Box and decided to give it a try! I have a lot of allergies and take several medications daily, as well as get 3 shots weekly. I now come at least twice a week with both my girls. We have not been sick with the regular colds, viruses, ear infections or croup like we were in the past. It has strengthened all of our immune systems and our allergy symptoms have greatly diminished. I recommend it to everyone, and have signed up for the family plan indefinitely. I look forward to our relaxing sessions together, and the super friendly staff when we arrive. Plus, we’ve met a lot of great families, we wouldn’t have otherwise. I highly recommend it!

~Mary Beth G. 5/15/16

If you need relief from everyday stress and want to feel better-overall-then The Salt Box will help. For me, it’s helped with deeper breathing and overall stress. Additionally, you many not find nicer people in business. Phenomenal overall experience every time I come. (Began regular salt therapy 3/16/16)

~Yale G. 5/13/16

It was a relaxing, wonderful experience. The ambiance was mellow, with dim lighting, comfortable reclining chairs and soft music. It smelled clean and delicious. My sinuses and those of my husband cleared completely, leaving us feeling energized.

~Isa Aura R. 4/6/16

Maybe it's a freaky coincidence or two, but I'm off allergy shots, my daughter and I have rarely gotten sick, and I have not had much issue at all with the eczema and mild acne issues that I had after having my daughter. Plus, my daughter LOVES the kiddie room. The owners and staff are awesome and it's just a genuinely good experience to be there. Two thumbs up from me... and two more from the kid. :)

~Megan C. 4/3/16

I love having natural and holistic options. The owners and staff are so welcoming and make you feel like you’re at home. Their kids room is spot on beautiful and anyone would love to play in the salty sand. They have rooms and options for everyone. Give it a try! Salt therapy helps with so many chronic conditions.

~Nadyne F. 3/14/16

My daughter attends preschool, where she has been sick most of the time with recurring ear infections. Our family is also plagued with many allergies. Since we have started salt therapy, the illnesses have come to a stop and out stuffy noses and coughing are gone. My daughter loves to come here to play in the salt. She doesn’t notice its therapy; it’s just fun for her. We love it!

~Megan C. 2/26/16

Our family started coming to The Salt Box after repeated sick visits to our pediatrician. Instead of paying co-pays for antibiotics I wanted to keep my family healthy and prevent ongoing colds and ear infections. Since attending weekly sessions in the playroom my children have not been diagnosed with significant illnesses or prescribed any medications. Our "sick visits" to the doctor have decreased significantly. I cannot recommend The Salt Box enough to my family and friends!

~Melissa S. 1/26/16

I appreciate the all-too-infrequent opportunities to take a little time for myself and the Salt Box's hospitable, warm and friendly staff make the therapeutic experience extremely comfortable and relaxing. Highly recommended!

~Richard P. 11/9/15

I began receiving salt therapy in September of 2015 but I have been told for many years to use Himalayan salt due to my chronic health issues. This is a great place to come and relax while cleaning out your respiratory system and senses. This dry salt environment has tremendous therapeutic benefits for joints, muscles, and the immune system. It helps clean out your immune system from toxins and all the bad things we breathe in daily. Being that so many practices such as yoga focus on breathing techniques, I knew this would be great with inhalation and exhalation. I’ve shared my experiences with friends and family and now come regularly with my grandson.

~Tracy Z. 10/21/15

Each time my kids get a runny nose or are not feeling well a few treatments gets them all better. The experience is amazing, relaxing, and beneficial to their health. We are always happy to be here.

~Sandra W. 9/20/15

The Salt Box staff is awesome. The comfort, peace and well-being that come from this quiet time for yourself is essential to stay focused in this hectic world we live day to day. Highly recommended for anyone that desires peace and a better understanding of one’s self. Try it, you will be surprised.

~Susan H. 8/23/15

Dana began attending daycare and it was a continuous struggle having to take her frequently to the doctor. It was always the same response…it happens to everyone and it will get better. Since we started coming to The Salt Box, Dana hasn’t gotten a fever again, we haven’t been to the doctor, other than for scheduled visits, and no one else at home has gotten sick either. Besides from the most important, not getting sick, service is always friendly and the place is always clean and inviting.

~Camilo B. 8/22/15