I have uncontrolled asthma and weak immune system and was getting really sick every 2 months. Respiratory infection and lingering cough that would last 2-3 weeks afterwards. I had heard about salt therapy and we use saline and more concentrated saline to loosen I figured “why not.”

It has been a great decision. I have only gotten sick once this year-have cut down on my rescue inhaler to 1-2 times a month and feel great. It has really made a huge difference on my quality of life and now our whole family comes in regularly. It has made a big difference for my son who was getting sick often from daycare and now he is also down to very few sick days. It is a great way for him to socialize with other kids and he loves to play in the salt!

~Laura M. 8/18/18

Love this place...when I feel stuffy, we go here and I feel better...and sleep like a baby that night.

~Jeffrey W. 8/18

First, I would like to say that The Salt Box is a place to go for salt therapy. It is a clean, quiet environment and well put together. The owner is Jessi, and her staff are amazing and very customer oriented in every way. I rate this place excellent overall.

Now, my salt story begins here: I suffered with chronic nasal allergies, sinus congestion, bronchial asthma, and chronic cough for years. When I have flare ups, it will lead to bronchitis. I made at least 3 sick visits a year to my doctor for antibiotic treatment. But, since I started salt therapy 6 months ago (I go 4-5 days a week), I have not had any bad flare ups and no sick visits. My allergy symptoms are less and less and if I do have them, it gets better right away after 2 or 3 salt therapy sessions without taking my allergy/sinus medication. I have not had an asthma exacerbation, no wheezing and hardly any coughing spells since salt therapy. My last PFT (Pulmonary Function Test) showed some improvement and one of my inhalers was reduced to one puff a day instead of two. My pulmonary doctor was pleased and told me to continue whatever I’m doing since it is helping me. He is aware that I’m doing salt therapy.

I am a firm believer in natural/preventative medicine, of course along with the conventional medicines if necessary.

Overall, I’m very happy with the results I am getting from salt therapy. Being consistent and regular doctor’s follow ups also added to this improvement.

I highly recommend salt therapy to people, young and old, with respiratory problems as an alternative and additional treatment. It works for me, it will work for you. So, let’s get salted and experience the benefits of salt!

~Victoria E. 1/11/18

Me and my family have loved coming here. Me and my mom have allergies and coming to The Salt Box we have not been sick for a long time! Me and my family love not being sick. My mom loves the salt lamps, my sister loves the toys, and I love everything! The backgrounds are beautiful, the outside and inside building are very nice. So, please enjoy!

~Charlotte G. (Age 7) 1/11/18

Great experience and fun/healing place for my son who has respiratory problems.

~Kathryn R. 12/30/17

Love this place! Helps immensely with our allergies and sinus issues! Recommend it all the time. It works!

~MaryBeth G. 12/17

What a great place !! Cleared my sinus’s and I’m no longer congested. Very relaxing atmosphere, spotless and so relaxing. After my first visit I’m now hooked.

~Arlene S. 11/21/17

We’ve been going to the salt box for over a year now. My children, husband and I all love it! We can tell the difference in our allergies and sinuses when we go regularly. It’s a great place for the kids to run around when it’s rainy or super hot. The staff and owners are always going above and beyond for their clients.

~Jenna E. 10/17

I started coming to The Salt Box for my sinuses, which bother me most in the mornings. I have been coming in for salt therapy sessions on a regular basis, and it has been helping me feel less clogged in the mornings. I always feel welcomed and comfortable when I'm there. The people who work at The Salt Box are always very friendly and very helpful. I have been and will continue to recommend The Salt Box to my family and friends.

~Robin L. 6/1/17

Thank you, Salt Box and your team for making me a believer in your services. In less than a week of doing salt therapy, my sinuses started to clear up and with continued treatments, I now have very few issues with my sinuses. Thank you again.

~Sandy R. 4/27/17

The Salt Box is an opportunity to do something wonderful for your body, mind and spirit in a unique setting. My reason for going was to prevent a 3rd year where a cold in January would lead to bronchitis until March. Results...after going for 3 months leading up to my travel and flu season, no cold, therefore no bronchitis either! I am confident my immune system was boosted enough to stay healthy all winter. Stay Salty!

~G.E.M. 4/4/17

I have a long history of sinus problems. Salt therapy has greatly helped my symptoms. I recommend salt therapy to my friends who also suffer from sinus/allergy problems.

~Neil R. 3/24/17

Since my daughter has been going to The Salt Box twice a week for the past 2 1/2 months, her health has been noticeably better. She has not had to use her nebulizer AT ALL! Her cough has subsided and her breathing is much better. I'm so happy we found The Salt Box!

~Melanie C. 2/18/17

Brought my congested 6-month old for our first session yesterday! Wonderful facility, kind and informative owner, and so welcoming and relaxing all around! My son is definitely not as congested today! I look forward to coming back with my older son!

~Carly T. 1/8/17

I had a bad cold and when it was over, I just could not get the post nasal drip to stop. After 2 visits to The Salt Box, relief came. Now I go once a week to keep my sinuses clear. And the staff is always professional and friendly.

~Dr. Denise 12/31/16

Julian was on a nebulizer from 6 months old until a year and a half when we found The Salt Box. He also had eczema on his face. All things went away because of this amazing place. The best part about it is it's all natural. You really see the results if you are consistent. Thanks to The Salt Box, we have an alternative way for my son to stay healthy.

~Jacqueline B. 12/31/16

My 4-year old has had a chronic cough since birth. We had multiple tests done and never got a clean diagnosis. He was too young at the time to be diagnosed with asthma. Allergy test never revealed any specific allergy other than tree nuts. His cough would last for weeks at a time. We didn’t want to constantly give him medication as our belief states that the body can heal itself. Then we found salt therapy. One of the best things we’ve done in a long time. It reduces the duration of coughing spell and the frequency. If either of our children are not feeling well, then we bring them in to help boost their immune system. The best part is that they love it. It’s a playroom, so they ask all the time to go to salt therapy. For the parents, it’s an hour that you can sit down, relax and watch them play while they are getting treatment. We love this place and would recommend it to anyone. If your little ones have any respiratory problems, this is the place to be but if you just want them to be healthy overall, you can’t beat this safe and clean environment.

~ Dr. Pierre 11/8/16

I feel my lungs are more open now and I can breathe better, my sinuses have improved also. I have been telling other people about The Salt Box and what a pleasant experience it is.

~Marion O. 11/5/16

We both have allergies. In May, Jack (6 years) had a runny nose and cough at night that seemed to linger, even with Zyrtec. My friend on the West Coast told me about Salt Therapy. We began in June and it seemed to take care of Jack’s nose and cough. I was also suffering with sinus pressure and headaches, despite nasal spray and Zyrtec. The only thing that helped was Sudafed and Advil, which was not a long-term solution. After faithfully coming to The Salt Box on a regular basis, my sinus pain and headaches have gone away. I can now breathe clearly through my right nostril/sinus as well (this was chronically congested). We benefit not only from the salt therapy, but have a fun time in the playroom. Jessi is always making a fun day of it – there are great books for kids and lots of toys for creative play. We’ve also gotten to meet new friends. I highly endorse The Salt Box and salt therapy – I’m a believer!

~Monica N. 10/9/16

Both kids were coughing and had a runny nose. I have seen such a big improvement. I recommend The Salt Box for asthma, allergies, and any sort of breathing problem. As for my personal experience, it has helped me with relaxation, breathing and sleeping. I have seen a big improvement!

~Nanny of Two Littles 9/23/16

I cannot tell you how impressed I am with The Salt Box. I was having a cough daily and it kept getting worse. I was hurting from coughing, went to the DR. on an inhaler/nasal inhaler…sick of meds that were not working...chest x ray/echocardiogram...all good Thank energy...a friend shared with my daughter her experience with The Salt Box and Michelle kept begging me to go...after a week I checked it out online, called and went…OMG!!! They have a side for children and adults with allergies, asthma, bronchitis, cold/flu, COPD, ear infection, emphysema, pneumonia, Rhinitis, sinusitis, SNORING, stress and fatigue...the kids room is adorable and is set up like the beach with pink Himalayan salt on the floor...walls painted like a beach...amazing…amazing… The adults have beautiful white reclining chairs in a room with walls of pink Himalayan salt as well as the floors....Your first visit is FREE...just is amazing...the way you feel after is wonderful…Tell them Slater sent you...I do not get anything, but I told Jessi I would share my good news...I am so much better....the families I see there are having fun and giving their children a better LIFE...there are multiple pricing options...BUT the first is free...walk it…walk out and see what your opinion is..... I have such a smile on my face for all of you who read this to the end...Breath to check it out...or call 954-906-5985 to make your appointment

~Kathleen S. 7/13/16

The first time I came in to The Salt Box, I was struggling to breathe. I had been dealing with a bronchitis issue since March 2016, but had been dealing with asthma since Sept 2010. From what the doctors told me, it is allergies. In June 2016, I came in to The Salt Box. The girl at the front desk let me know that I would need a few sessions before I would start to feel better. 3 sessions in-I did feel much better. My aim was also to get off medication (Singulair and inhaler). Within 6 sessions, I was off the meds! I have had 2 relapses due to allergy reactions to offices with too much air fresheners, and another relapse due to second hand smoke-but recovered within 2 days and with only light use of the inhaler. Halotherapy works for me. And the care and attention I have received at The Salt Box is second to none!

PS My doctor was concerned because I also have high blood pressure. Halotherapy has not affected this at all. I am much better and continue regular sessions at this time. I am at my 9th session and feel good! And best of all-no meds!!

~Lupe C. 7/2/16

My daughter and I both have allergies and breathing issues. Since starting salt therapy, we are less congested. And we all enjoy the relaxing experience.

~Robin L. 5/10/16

I have chronic sinus issues and The Salt Box has been so beneficial in relieving my symptoms. It’s my time to relax and decompress while boosting my immune system and doing something positive for my health. The staff is so especially nice and the facility is beautiful and tranquil. When I step into the building, I immediately remember the importance of the treatments in my life. Thank you guys for opening The Salt Box in Parkland!

~Jennifer Z. 4/27/16

Before The Salt Box, my two kids were suffering from sinus infections on and off. We had to visit the ENT and they were constantly on antibiotics. I actually came to The Salt Box thinking it was an indoor playground and to my surprise, it has been the best thing I could have done for my kids. Since we started coming, they have not gotten sick anymore, and if I see they have a runny nose or are going to catch a cold, we just come to The Salt Box and it’s like an instant cure. We come at least 3x/week and love it. Thanks, Salt Box.

~Grace D. 4/19/16

Since beginning preschool, my daughters have suffered from chronic ear infections lending to countless visits to both the pediatrician and ENT. Recently, my 2-year old daughter has been battling an ear infection for over 3 weeks which did not resolve with the use of two different antibiotics. Before commencing our third round of antibiotics, my husband’s boss recommended salt therapy and referred us to The Salt Box. Two weeks after commencing salt therapy biweekly, we returned to the pediatrician for our follow up visit and learned that not only had the ear infection resolved, but that there was no residual fluid left in the ear! We are so happy and pleased that we have decided to start salt therapy and have noticed a significant improvement in the health of our children. The staff is always very friendly and accommodating. The children’s room is wonderful with plenty of toys to keep my children occupied! Thank you so much, Salt Box!

~Nathalie J. 2/24/16

I started coming because I was looking for a solution to my shortness of breath. After 3 months of coming to The Salt Box a few times a week, I have felt such a difference in my breathing. I no longer have to use my inhalers (unless it’s in the middle of the night). I have also noticed an improvement in my upper arms where I have keratosis pilaris. For my daughter, it has helped her any time she has had a runny or stuffy nose and a cough.

~Samantha G. 12/22/15

The Salt Box has helped us at times when allergies are affecting my daughter. At night, she would be mucousy while sleeping. Nothing I tried would help except coming to The Salt Box!

~Jamie S. 12/5/15

The staff is always friendly and sees to it that we are comfortable and are able to enjoy the calming music. We are planning to continue Salt Therapy. We enjoyed our free session on Sept 13, 2015. I then enjoyed 2 more sessions which I had received as a gift. From then on, my sister and I went daily for 2 weeks and then subscribed to the family membership, because we really enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere. I have COPD and the therapy has somewhat started to open the airways a bit. My sister has a smoker’s cough and she feels that it lessens her cough. The 45 minute sessions certainly are relaxing and we picked up reading books during the sessions.

~Helma S. 11/19/15

After a year of chronic breathing problems and sleepless nights of coughing while using prescription inhalers that didn’t work, I am now back to normal after 10 sessions in The Salt Box. I can now take a deep breath of air and I am able to exercise once again. Thank you!

~Michael G. 11/15/15

My children have suffered from chronic ear infections and are always going to the ENT. I heard all about The Salt Box in Parkland and decided to check it out. The first time we came in was awesome. The staff is super friendly and informative. We did the kids room and I have to say it was very relaxing for me as a mother of 2, and my children enjoyed themselves and kept occupied for the full 45-minute treatment. During our treatment, their ears popped and both of the said “mom, I can hear again!” OMG I was so thrilled! We are now part of the family membership and come 3x’s a week. I have seen results and will continue to come for my kids. It’s a great preventative and a fun place to play. I also recommend coming for the adult therapy room. Very therapeutic and helpful for when I was sick with a common cold. I felt 99% better after 1 treatment. Thank you so much to The Salt Box family.

~Sheena W. 11/8/15

Since my son was 3 months old, he was having a lot of respiratory issues (bronchitis, frequent colds) and ear infections along with the regular viruses that kids get in day care. He was seeing the ENT and Pulmonologist on a monthly basis. Very often both doctors prescribed him antibiotics, which I know is not very good at such an early age. I tried to give The Salt Box a try since I tried regular medication and nothing seemed to work. I took him to his doctors the first week of September and now they are going to see him every 3 months, just to make sure he is fine. This place has worked wonders for my son. So far, no ear infections, no colds, no viruses. Thank you to all of the staff at The Salt Box. I love to come here, not just because it’s helping my son, but everyone is so nice. It’s always a pleasure to have someone to talk to while your kid is playing and receiving therapy.

~Tatiana H. 9/26/15

When my son started pre-school, he got 4 ear infections in 3 months, with the first one landing us in the hospital for 2 nights. We pulled him out of school until he turned 2. The first week he was back at school, he got another ear infection. Then we heard about The Salt Box. We have been coming here once a week ever since and he has not had an ear infection yet. The place is very nice and clean and the staff and owners are very friendly.

~Jenny B. 9/22/15

I am 8 months pregnant and developed a respiratory issue several months ago that resembles severe asthma and allergies. The lungs get very inflamed making it difficult to breathe, in addition to a sinus infection that went undiagnosed for a month. So, while undiagnosed, I started coming to The Salt box and got my 1st relief in months. It’s been a combination of a reduction in swelling in the actual lung so I can breathe better and definitely helped carry me through the sinus infection symptoms til it was diagnosed. The owners are wonderful as are both of the women who work here. They are always accommodating and helpful.

~BG M. 6/30/15

I am a mother of three children who have all had horrible coughs for over three weeks. The first trip to the pediatrician resulted in a 7-day antibiotic round that did nothing to help them. Next, came the phone call to the pediatrician that resulted in breathing treatments that did not help them. Second trip to the pediatrician resulted in a diagnosis of a sinus infection coupled with allergies. Here came another round of antibiotics, continued breathing treatments, and a brochure for The Salt Box. The next day, I took my kids and they loved it. After our session, I went to pick up the antibiotic. It was $120 for the generic. I called my pediatrician to see if she agreed that the natural benefits of the salt treatments accomplished the same goal as the antibiotic and breathing treatments. She said go ahead and try it. We have gone for three days now. My kids’ coughs are loose and their noses are running which means the salt treatment is breaking up the congestion. They are all sleeping better because they can breathe better. I would recommend anyone give this a try. It’s not hocus pocus or another fluffy treatment with zero results or benefits. Antibiotics and damage to my kids’ immune systems…almost $200. A fun, natural, healing, environment at The Salt Box…priceless.

~Heather S. 5/8/15