What a wonderful experience! My daughters eczema has improved and the staff is incredible! I suggest definitely choosing this company out of the other salt therapy companies available in the area!

~ Segourney I. 7/6/17

I have two beautiful daughters, my youngest suffers from severe eczema and allergies. The kids room is our "GO TO" when she's not well. The place is stunning, super clean, always friendly. I am constantly recommending them.

~ Dawn B. 5/14/17

I came to The Salt Box for relief of a genetic skin condition called Darier's Disease. I had done research on the benefits on salt therapy and decided to try it. After one treatment, I already saw a difference, today was my 5th treatment and this is the best my skin has ever looked without being on medications. I am now getting compliments from people on how great my skin looks. The Salt Box has given me the confidence I never had before because of my skin. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone trying to seek a healthy alternative for skin treatment. I cannot thank them enough for making my skin look great.

~Marisa P. 3/9/17

I have had eczema for over 10 years. I've been on over 5 topical creams with increasing dosages of steroids. I've tried using natural oils and cutting gluten out of my diet but nothing has worked...until now. I've cancelled doctor appointments and can honestly say The Salt Box has helped me with my flares and I will be continuing my sessions.

~Anna-Lee D. 12/30/16

We love coming to The Salt Box!!! Jessi and her team are wonderful and so understanding!!! We came mainly for my boys' eczema and it definitely helped preventing major flare ups over the summer which I am super happy about! It is also such a fun place to come and play for my 2 littles and we met a lot of new amazing friends!!! Thank you, Salt Box! Oh, it also seemed to help my oldest with his breathing issues which led to less snoring!!!

~Rebecca D. 9/17/16

We’ve been coming to The Salt Box since April 2016. We started coming because our daughter has very dry and sensitive skin plus we loved the atmosphere and knew our son would also enjoy the fun and safe environment the kid’s room has to offer. We came to The Salt Box for three consecutive months, while continuing to use VaniCream soap and lotion to keep her skin smooth and moisturized, and our daughter’s skin was clear of her eczema. Here’s the real testimony, we stopped coming regularly for a couple months due to conflicts in our schedule and then with the change of weather recently our daughter had an eczema outbreak. The first one she’s ever has and the worst one I’ve ever seen or heard of before. I was sure it was something more but the doctor confirmed it was eczema and with some TLC it would resolve. We immediately came to The Salt Box on a Thursday and by Saturday Kayla’s skin was remarkably better. This picture before is from Thursday and the after picture is from Saturday afternoon. We will now get back into our routine of coming regularly so that we can not only prevent an eczema flair up, but so that the kids can also continue to have fun while naturally boosting their immune systems.

~Elissa H. 10/26/16